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Arup Kumar Kundu pearls in medicine:(mystery behind the diagnosis)

                               The emphasis laid on medical presentation with the reasoning behind the diagnosis. Stress is laid

on Aetiology, differential diagnosis, and its management contents are arranged alphabetically while the index gives the wider idea about the subject matter or

topics presented in the book. This book is a `window in clinical medicine` encountered in day-to-day practice. Printed Pages: 324.


From Dr.Arup Kumar Kundu

The contents are arranged alphabetically while the index gives wider ideas about the matters or topics present in the book. To write a book as a single-
the handed author is a challenging task, and I am fully aware of this. ‘Pearls’help us to crystallise knowledge in our memory very easily. I hope as

well as expect that the book will be used as a quick-reference ready-reckoner handbook and a learning-revision tool to increase the core

knowledge during early years of medical training. The problem-solving attitude will help the students in their theoretical as well as practical examination, and also in their professional life in future. I hope also

the extensive and their professional life in further extensive beautiful colour photographs will boost the students while

confronting with the patients at the bedside.

GIVEN By Dr, K..