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Description for Critical observations in radiology for medical students:

Best companion for students and residents who are in clinical rotations, also helping consultants to manage the critical situations.what is the view or goal of this book?? they are mainly focused on teaching students or residents to gain their knowledge in radiology learning and patient management.there are a lot of comprehensive radiology high-quality knowledge-based images with different pathologic conditions and diagnostic methods to guide to which imaging or diagnostic modality you should use for the appropriate pathologic condition of the patients.also, they have explained  more simplified topics with comprehensive organ-specific pathologic conditions, in clinical observation side the author differentiated  advantages and disadvantages between the diagnostic procedures, also comprehensively illustrated basic physics of all imagines,


They are not only teaching you the advances they also teach the exposure that will cause what problems and dosage for PEDIATRICS  and adolescents advised by FDA.

self-assessments and review  pages also there to test you,

Richard C. Semelka
Katherine R. Birchard,
Kiran Riddy Busireddy

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