DAMS PG PHYSIOLOGY VOICE NOTES: “please use headphones”

Nothing is new in this description so you can directly proceed to download your filesIn this post I have uploaded all physiology voice notes you can simply download by clicking download buttons, this physiology  voice note are  divided by seven topics as usually by systems I hope  this will definitely help you for your preparations, let me explain something about this post and contents,we uploaded this post for PG/MCI prepares to save time and increase their knowledge in physiologyPART1 -7 CONTAINS FOLLOWING 1, GENERAL PHYSIOLOGY, 2, ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY, 3.RESPIRATORY PHYSIOLOGY, 4. CARDIOVASCULAR PHYSIOLOGY, 5. EXCRETORY SYSTEMS, 6. CNS, 7. CSF.  study hard and support us…They have simplified all general physiology in 14 pages I think, in this pdf, ou will study mainly body homoeostasis and water components like ECF, ICF, also more formulas, fluid excretions anatomic dead space, third space law, intestinal obstruction because of dehydration and more…. within 17 pages, don’t get angry on me for this silly description if i didn’t write anything no one can download or this will be deleted by Google bots,sorry a lot for  this worst description.

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