First Aid for the Step 2 ck 8th edition PDF download


First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 CK 8th edition:

First aid is the best book for usmle preparation and this one is always being on the top with high yield notes

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How to study this book????

They  have made many improvements and added several new features to this edition of First Aid for the USMLE

Step 2 CK. In particular, we have added more tables, charts, and images throughout the text to facilitate studying.

We encourage you to read all aspects of the text to learn the material in context; however, when you get closer to

test day, focus on the high-yield bolded text and comments in the margins of each page. These features have many

of the “buzzwords” you should be looking for on exam day. Finally, we have included new vignette questions to

periodically test your knowledge of key concepts. These questions are located in the lower or upper right corner of

certain pages. To prevent peeking at the answers, you’ll find the answer on the back of the same page in the lower

or upper left corner. These questions are not always representative of test questions.


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