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The forensic sciences represent diverse, dynamic fields that seek to utilize the very best techniques available to address legal issuesFueled by advances in technology, re-searchand methodology, as well as new case applications, the forensic sciences continue to evolve.

Forensicscientists strive to improve their analyses and interpretations of evidence and to remain co gnizantof the latest advancements.

This series results from a collaborative effort between the American Academy ofSciences (AAFS) and Wiley to publish a select number of books that relate closely to the activities and objectives of the AAFS.

The book series reflects the goals of the AAFS to en couragequality scholarship and publication in the forensic sciences.

Proposals for publication in the series are reviewed by a committee established for that purpose by the AAFS and also reviewed

by Wiley.

Author:Dr. David O. Carter

is Director and Associate Professor of Forensic Sciences at Chaminade University of Honolulu. He also serves as Principal Investigator of the laboratory of Forensic Tap Β  Β honomy. His primary research interest is the decomposition of human