General Surgery pearls of wisdom 4th edition PDF download


General Surgery pearls of wisdom 4th edition:

DOWNLOAD SURGERY PEARLS OF WISDOM                  A quick-hit, question-and-answer review for the American Board of Surgery In-Training Exam General

Surgery ABSITE and Board Review is your most effective weapon in preparing for the ABSITE (American Board of Surgery In-

Training Exam) and the general surgery board exams. It is a quick, active-recall review of the most important information you need,

with over 3000 rapid-fire questions and numerous performance-improving pearls. Like “flashcards in a book,” the rapid-fire Q&A

format facilitates study alone or with a partner. Only correct answers are given to prevent you from memorizing the wrong answer.

The fourth edition includes more most/least likely questions, a common question format on the boards, and updated art. A series

redesign makes the book easier to read and more pleasing to the eye. This rapid, effective review ensures your best possible

performance in the shortest possible study time. There is no easier or faster way to guarantee that you perform your best on these

exams!Bull’s Eye Hits on ABSITE and general surgery board exam topics–the meaningful and the frequently tested Tools to Imprint

Your Memory–pearls, drills, mnemonics, visual imagery, even humor, and other tested learning aids Fast Results–from rapid-fire, to-

the-point Q&As that quickly embed the facts you need to know and enhance quick recall No Confusing Wrong Answers to clutter your




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