NMS obstetrics and gynecology 7th edition PDF download


National Medical Sciences obstetrics and gynecology:

I will call this book as “quick review book” because this book provides clinically related and important contents in short

and sweet way, Also I have used this book during my clinical rotations, providing extra support by case concepts and

examinations at the end, Best for your USMLE STEP2 or  SHELF preparations, emphasised differential diagnosis to help you

even before seeing your patients, Two colour design features will increase your interest to read more.

New features:

The content covered in all of the chapters has been thoroughly updated. One new chapter has been

added, Chapter 21, Müllerian Anomalies and Disorders of Sexual Development. In addition, five chap-
ters have been significantly revised, including Chapter 18, The Gynecologic  Visit; Chapter 25,

Hirsutism and Other Hyperandrogenic Disorders; Chapter 26, Pelvic Pain; Chapter 28, Uterine Leo-
myomas; and Chapter 38, Breast Disease. In addition, the order of the chapters has been rearranged to

make the order of presentation more logical, although the chapters can be used in any order. The online

case studies, also available on The Point, have been rewritten to reflect current treatment paradigms and

incorporate new information that is available and influences the diagnosis and treatment of the specific


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