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Parasitology by  Alan Gunn and Sarah J. Pitt:

The heading or title is explaining the feature of this book, fully integrated review with

student friendly and explaining the relationship of parasites with clinical cases.actually the main focus of this book will be iteractions between the

pathogens especially HIV.also teaching you host contributions in spreadings the diseases. Parasites do not live within their hosts in isolation. We feel

that it is instructive to recognise how an individual organism might interact with other members of the same species, other species of protozoa and –

helminths and other classes of microorganism within a particular host. The effects on the host of harbouring a particular species of the parasite are

influenced by a range of host factors, including the genetic constitution, immune status, and behaviour. Also, for parasites of humans, in particular

, consideration of social, religious, and cultural factors is often necessary. , therefore called this book Parasitology: An Integrated Approach to

emphasise how parasites influence, and are influenced by, a complex web of interacting factors.

This book is designed mainly for undergraduate students of biological sciences, biomedical sciences, medicine and veterinary

sciences who need to know about protozoan and helminth para-sites and understand how they affect their hosts. It would also be useful for

postgraduate students who need background information about parasites to support their research and for members of any other professional group

who need an insight into the subject for their work.