Principles of pharmacology by golan 4th Edition pdf free download


Principles of pharmacology and the pathophysiology of drug therapy

Written by DAVID.E.GOLAN  best professor in Biological Chemistry Harvard medical school, one of the

best book that highly recommended by students and instructors.actually when we were in the second year the toughest subject was PHARMACOLOGY because of the concepts, I’m

sure with the help of this book, you will easily grab the concepts and core of the pharmacology. they are going through SYSTEM-FUNCTIONS-MECHANIsM-INTEGRATION.

also, there is a clinical case at the end of the every chapter, after you have read the book you will know the pharmacology from the core, best book for effective learning, not only

basics also you will go through the diseases that affecting the transports, mechanism of the drugs

Key Concepts:

  •                  More than 400 illustrations to explain you the mechanisms, transports and metabolism.
  •                   Details with  explained drug interactions, contraindications,
  •                  Also, new chapters explaining new drugs and contraindications
  •                   Giving an introduction to all basic subjects …..