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The washington manual of surgery 7th edition:

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A. General Evaluation of the Surgical Patient. The goals of preoperative evaluation are to Β identify the patient’s medical problems and functional status; (2) determine if further information is needed to characterize the patient’s medical status; (3) estimate the patient’s level of risk for the planned procedure; and (4) establish if the patient’s condition is medically optimised. Much of this can be accomplished with a thorough history and physical examination.For minor surgical procedures and procedures on young, healthy patients, routine diagnostic testing is often unnecessary. For patients with existing comorbidities, or in patients undergoing certain complex procedures, preoperative laboratory studies and imaging should be decided on the individual.

The Washington Manual of Surgery continues to deliver a concise, rational approach to the management of patients with surgical conditions. The text has been redesigned to make it, even more, user-friendly, and the content has been updated with the latest advances in surgical technique and instrumentation.As in previous editions, this seventh edition of The Washington Manuals of Surgery combined authorship of residents, ably assisted by faculty coauthors and our senior editor, Dr. MaryKlingensmith, who is vice-chair for education in our department. Dr. Klingensmith is joined in this edition by a new senior editor, Dr. Chandu Vemuri. This combination of resident and faculty participation has helped to focus the chapters on issues that will be particularly helpful to the trainee in surgery. This new edition of the manual provides a complete list of updated references that will serve medical students, residents, and practicing surgeons who wish to delve more deeply into a particular topic. This manual does not attempt to extensively cover pathophysiology history, but it presents brief and logical approaches to the management of patients with comprehensive surgical problems.