Multiple choice questions in pharmacology by K.D.Tripathi eBook PDF download Free


Multiple choice questions in pharmacology by K.D.Tripathi

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Because of their reliability and objective nature the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are widely used in entrance tests, competitive examinations and at some places in certifying examinations. However, MCQ items have been criticized mostly for their lack of relevance to the core or essential learning objectives, because they mostly tend to emphasize on the rare or the unusual. It is therefore of utmost importance to induct MCQ items which test knowledge, understanding andapplication ability of the student in relevant areas.This book attempts to introduce a series of MCQs in Pharmacology and Therapeutics in topics which cover important learning objectives.

Multiple choice questions in pharmacology by K.D.Tripathi eBook PDF download Free

MCQs are also an important method of self study and self assessment. An overwhelming amount of detailed information about an ever increasing number of drugs is now available. A mental exercise in the considerations that underlie choice of one drug over the other in specific situations has to be practised.Solving MCQs could help crystallization and assimi-lation of the fundamental Pharmacological principles as well as factual information about drugs needed for their safe and effective use. This purpose is best served if the MCQs relate to the text that the student has been using for study.With the above objectives, a MCQs book based onthe 3rd edition of the textbook ‘Essentials of MedicalPharmacology’ written by me was published in 1996.This was enlarged and improved in the year 2000based on the 4th edition of the textbook.

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