Radiology and Imaging by David sutton Latest edition PDF download


Textbook of Radiology and Imaging Sutton 7th EditionΒ  PDF DOWNLOAD

Radiology and Imaging by David sutton Latest edition PDF download
Radiology and Imaging by David sutton

A Two-Volume reference on the scientific basis and clinical practice of radiology, this new edition has been thoroughly revised and up-dated with the latest technologies and modalities in the field. The book is organized by body system and incorporates an integrated, multi-modality approach to radiological diagnosis. The emphasis in on the clinical effectiveness of contemporary imaging practice. The text is supported with abundant high-quality illustrations.


Section 1 :Respiratory System

The normal chest: methods of investigation and differential diagnosis
The mediastinum
The pleura
Tumours of the lung
Pulmonary infections
Diseases of the airways: collapse and consolidation
Diffuse lung disease
Miscellaneous chest conditions
The paediatric chest

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Section 2: Cardiovascular System
The normal heart: anatomy and techniques of examination
Acquired heart disease I: the chest radiograph
Acquired heart disease II: non-invasive imaging
Invasive imaging and interventional techniques
Congenital heart disease
Arteriography and interventional angiography
The lymphatic system

Section 3: Abdomen and gastrointestinal tract
The salivary glands, pharynx and oesophagus
The stomach and duodenum
The small bowel and peritoneal cavity
The large bowel
The acute abdomen
The abdomen and majoy trauma
The biliary tract
The liver and spleen
The pancreas
The adrenal glands
The pediatric abdomen