Essentials of Medical Genetics for Health Professionals PDF


Essentials of Medical Genetics for Health Professionals PDF

Essentials of Medical Genetics for Health Professionals PDF is  enrolled in all healthcare training programs need to have a basic understanding of medical genetics so that they can successfully transition from students to clinicians.
The field of medical genetics is advancing at a fast pace and is becoming increasingly integral to all aspects of medicine. This fact emphasizes the need for every practicing clinician and faculty member to develop an in-depth knowledge of the principles of human genetics, given that they are applicable to such a wide variety of clinical presentations.

Underscoring that importance, effective September 2006, the Accreditation Review

Commission On Education for Physician Assistants (ARC-PA) requires that medical genetics be included in the curriculum of every PA program.

Essentials of Medical Genetics for Health Professionals PDF, there is a need to train primary care providers and related health professionals to meet the growing demand for genetic intervention. Although genetic counselors typically address most questions asked by the patient and family when a genetic test result is received, it falls to the primary care clinician and those involved in the direct patient care to address the same issues recurrently over the patient’s lifetime. With the Human Genome Project progressing rapidly, and sequencing of the human genome being completed ahead of schedule, genetic conditions and their multifactorial nature are increasingly requiring that treatment and prevention measures become highly individualized. The primary care
provider in particular stands at the frontline of this interface and will play an integral role in intervention and prevention of genetically based diseases.

Essentials of Medical Genetics for Health Professionals PDF of medical genetics into medical education and residency training programs has also begun. However, because the understanding of genomics is relatively new, a gap exists between the education and training of those practicing clinicians, the existing curriculum, and the integration of the principles into clinical practice. Curriculum guidelines exist to assist developers and educators in integrating medical genetics into the existing curricula for most disciplines.

Because the concepts and principles of medical genetics are multidisciplinary and complex, it is especially important to consider the most efficient and effective methods of delivery of genetics-related education during the program planning. In addition to genetic diseases and disorders, the program should include an appreciation of the rapid advances in genetics, the need for lifelong learning, the need for referral, and the role of genetic counselors and medical geneticists. On a practical level, it should ensure that students develop the ability to construct and analyze a three-generation pedigree.
Essentials of Medical Genetics for Health Professionals PDF

Essentials of Medical Genetics for Health Professionals PDF is intended to serve as the basis for a medical genetics curriculum that pro-vides an opportunity for students to integrate genetic knowledge, skills, and attitudes
early in their medical education and training.