Guide to USMLE Step 2 CK Preparation: Real ways to to get (271)


Guide to USMLE Step 2 CK Preparation Way to get 271


1. Duration:

5 months & 10days. (10th April, 2016- 21st September, 2016)

2. Material Used

• All Kaplan 2014 Videos with Kaplan Lecture notes (LN 2016) (The best of all sources to build the basic foundation for step 2ck)
• MTB 2 for IM
• MTB 3 for other subjects (didn’t like it so much)

3. Question banks:

• USMLE world Q bank for Step 2 CK (online): most important source
• USMLE world Q bank for Step 3 (offline): do it if you have time, it’s really good

4. NBMEs:

NBME 4(offline): Score 230. June, 2016
NBME 7(offline): Score 255. July, 2016
UWSA (online): Score 281. August 2016
NBME 6(offline): Score 261. September 2016, 2 weeks before exam.



After taking my step 1 Exam in March 2016 (259), I took a 1 month break and started studying for step 2 ck while doing my internship/House job. In the 1st.
• Started with Kaplan lecture videos (2014) and lecture notes. I did it in around 2 months.

Then  took NBME 4.
2 months I would study for like 6 to 8 hours a day while in the last 3 months I would usually study for 10 to 12 hours a day.
• Started IM from MTB 2 and revised other subjects from Kaplan LN and at the same time started doing UW Q Bank for Step 3(offline). It took me around 1 month to complete this and then took
NBME 7 and then booked the quarter period for Step 2 CK.

• Started UW Q bank for Step 2 CK (online and did it twice) and revised all subjects from Kaplan LN with MTB 2 and MTB 3(did it once, didn’t like it. Just transferred the few important points it had to Kaplan).This took me around 2 months. Then took UWSA and booked the date.
• In last 20 days before exam. Revised UW notes I made, revised IM from MTB 2 and other subjects from Kaplan LN . Focused on preventive medicine, immunization and screening.


I woke up took the Fred exam. It is a complete simulation of actual exam. So doing it helps you to skip the tutorial on the exam and adds 15 minutes to your break time. I also revised preventive medicine, immunization and screening tests.

Shared by doc.Muhammad Numan Khan