Human Emerging and Re-emerging Infections – Viral and Parasitic Infections PDF


Human Emerging and Re-emerging Infections  Viral and Parasitic INFECTIONS PDF

Human Emerging and Re-emerging Infections Viral and Parasitic Infections PDF

Infectious diseases are a global problem and represent  continuous and increasing threat to human health and welfare. Due to deforestation, migration of populations, travel and trade, and changes in agricultural practices, the infectious diseases outbreaks are taking place frequently.

Although the rate of morbidity and mortality due to infectious diseases have decreased over the past decade, the worldwide impact of infectious diseases remains substantial.
Advances in the development of drugs and use of vaccines to prevent various infections have eased the burden of infectious diseases.

The evolution of pathogens with resistance to antibacterial and antiviral agents continues to challenge us for the better understanding of the mechanisms of drug resistance and to devise new ways to circumvent the problem.

We have witnessed the re-emergence of malaria and tuberculosis, and the emergence of new viral infections leading to the viral hemorrhagic fevers and respiratory complications. The root causes of the emergence and re-emergence of infectious diseases include environmental changes due to urbanization and deforestation, rapid population growth, and migration of populations.

Estimation of the infectious disease outbreaks must include factors such as population susceptibility, infective dose, incubation period, modes of transmission, routes of transmission, mortality rate, effectiveness of treatment interventions and population movement. Communicable infectious diseases have added another layer of complexity in the form of transmission parameters such as periodicity of infections and secondary attack rates.

There is need of new disease-outbreak models to understand the periodicity and patterns of outbreaks of infectious diseases. The capacity of all nations to recognize, prevent, and respond to the threat of emerging and reemerging infectious diseases is the critical foundation for an effective global response.

Biomedical scientists and clinicians should join their hands for collaborative research in order to understand the molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis and for developing new diagnostic and therapeutic tools.
There is a need to enhance global investment in both developed and developing countries to improve their research capacities, diagnosis, and response to the emerging and re-emerging infections.

Better coordination aligned to health system needs and translational research capabilities are required to meet the challenges posed by emerging and re-emerging infections. Strong communication and surveillance strategies are required among national and international agencies for enhanced implementation of different disease control programs.

Significant progress has been made over the last several years in dissecting out the molecular biology and pathogenesis of the many emerging and reemerging pathogens. This book includes most common emerging and re-emerging infections caused by bacteria, virus, fungi, and parasites. The book has been published in two volumes. The volume one includes viral and parasitic infections, whereas volume two includes bacterial and fungal infections.
This book is primarily aimed to virologists, clinicians, biomedical researchers, health-care workers, microbiologists, immunologists, and students of medicine or biomedical sciences wishing to gain rapid overview. This book will serve as a useful resource in the field of infectious diseases.

A comprehensive book such as this is clearly beyond the capacity of an individual’s efforts. The large panel of internationally renowned infectious disease experts have contributed their chapters, whose detailed knowledge in diverse areas of infectious diseases have greatly enriched this book.

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