OBSTETRICS  by Ten Teachers 20th Edition



OBSTETRICS by Ten Teachers 20th Edition

OBSTETRICS by Ten Teachers 20th Edition

Obstetrics by Ten Teachers is a great book that remains for about 100 & more. The authors are really doing awesome and worked hard to release this book.

First published as Midwifery by Ten
Teachers in 1917 under the editorship of Comyns Berkeley (Obstetric and Gynaecological Surgeon to the Middlesex Hospital), the book is now in its 20th edition and has reached a landmark centenary,cementing its place as one of the oldest, most respected and most popular English language texts on the subject.
As editors who were once students and readers of this textbook, we fully appreciate the responsibility of revising a much-loved classic. Befitting of the next century, the book has been almost completely rewritten by ‘Ten Teachers’, all internationally renowned experts in their fields and all intimately involved in the delivery of both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in the UK and Ireland, to reflect the current undergraduate curriculum.

This volume has been edited carefully to ensure consistency of structure, style and level of detail, in common with those of its sister text Gynaecology by Ten Teachers. The books can therefore be used together or independently as required.
The aim of the book as detailed in the preface of the first edition, published
100 years ago, still pertains today:
This book is frankly written for students preparing for their final examination
and in the hope that it will be useful to them afterwards and to others who have passed beyond the stage of examination.

Obstetrics by Ten Teachers the 20th edition is written for medical students, we hope that the text
retains its relevance for trainee obstetricians, general practitioners, midwives andother healthcare professionals with an interest in the field. Furthermore, in line with the popularity of this book elsewhere in the world and reflecting the fact that in 2017, the global burden of maternal morbidity and mortality is greatest in low resource settings, the 20th edition includes a global health perspective throughout. It has been a privilege and an honour to be the editors of this textbook as it reaches this important milestone; we echo a century of previous editors in hoping that this book will enthuse a new generation of doctors to become obstetricians and work to make pregnancy and childbirth an even safer and more fulfilling

Obstetrics by Ten Teachers 20th Edition