Safety and Ethics in Healthcare PDF


Safety and Ethics in Healthcare PDF

Book Name : Safety and Ethics in Healthcare

Safety and Ethics in Healthcare PDF

Edition : 1st Edition | | ISBN : 0754644359

Author Name : Bill Runciman; Alan Merry; Merrilyn Walton;

Format / Pages : PDF – 360 Pages


We should really know about ETHICS & MALPRACTICE in MEDICAL PROFESSION.


Teaching medical ethics aims to turn students into trustworthy and honest healthcare professionals with advanced communication skills and impressive standards of professionalism.

The aim of this book is to demonstrate why these skills are essential and
how even the simplest of situations can provide real ethical dilemmas. Although a good understanding of ethical theories and law is important, most problems encountered in practice can be solved through simple communication and discussion with the patient and other members of the healthcare team.

In 2010 the Institute of Medical Ethics published an updated core content of learning for medical ethics and law, and all of those topics are covered in this book. However, the cases explored in this edition are by no means exhaustive and are intended to provide a spring-board from which to develop your own analysis and understanding of the situation. Consider what your gut instinct is telling you and then try and work out why you feel that.

Of particular interest in this edition is the inclusion of more cases examining how to manage the changes in societal expectations and the impact that social media has had on health concerns.

Changes within society have made the GP the first port of call in many situations –
medical, social, financial and even due to loneliness – they are accessible to all and as such, the NHS is beginning to crack under the strain of increased demand. We need to examine why this is happening and what can be done to stem the tide of demands and needs. We have also included new cases highlighting the importance of self-care and resilience.

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How can you be sure that you are doing the right thing when faced with having to practise an uncertain science on vulnerable patients in a complex system under ever-changing conditions?

At what point could you cross the invisible line from reasonable to irresponsible or unethical behaviour by tolerating conditions or tacitly accepting practices which may be regarded as


unacceptable, even though you may have little immediate control over them? This book is a guide to getting it right for healthcare professionals. It is about doing the right thing, in the right way, at the right time, for the right people.

These are the dimensions of quality in healthcare, and although some are in conflict (equitable access and efficiency, for example), adherence to ethical practice and professional behaviour will help lead healthcare practitioners through the minefield of responsibilities and priorities. Real-life situations are integral to the book, with over 500 clinical examples referred to within the text.

Safety and Ethics in Healthcare PDF