Handbook of Neonatal Intensive Care 8th Edition 2018 PDF download


Handbook of Neonatal Intensive Care 8th Edition

Handbook of Neonatal Intensive Care 8th Edition PDF download
Handbook of Neonatal Intensive Care 8th Edition

Handbook of Neonatal Intensive Care 8th Edition The concept of the team approach is important in neonatal intensive care. Each health care professional must not only perform the duties of his or her own role but must also understand the roles of other involved professionals. Nurses, physicians, other health care providers, and parents must work together in a coordinated and efficient manner to achieve optimal results for patients in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Because this team approach is so important in the field of neonatal intensive care, we believe it is necessary that this book contain input from major fields of health care—nursing and medicine. Both nurses and physicians have edited and co-authored every chapter.

The book is divided into six units, all of which have been reviewed, revised, and updated for the eighth edition. Unit One presents evidence-based practice and the need to scientifically evaluate neonatal therapies, emphasizing randomized controlled trials as the ideal approach. Units Two through Five are the clinical sections, which have been fully updated for this edition. The chapters within these sections include highlighted clinical directions for quick reference, Parent Teaching boxes to aid in discharge instructions, and Critical Findings boxes to prioritize assessment data.

The combination of physiology and pathophysiology and separate emphasis on clinical application in this text is designed for neonatal intensive care nurses, nursing students, medical students, and pediatric, surgical, and family practice housestaff. This text is comprehensive enough for nurses and physicians, yet basic enough to be useful to families and all ancillary personnel.

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