Maternal and Newborn Success: A Q&A Review 3rd Edition Ebook PDF download

Maternal and Newborn Success: A Q&A Review 3rd Edition


Best Book that has Maternal and Newborn Success: A Q&A Review 3rd Edition Ebook PDF download Assure your mastery of maternal and newborn nursing knowledge while improving your critical-thinking and test-taking skills. An easy-to-follow format parallels the content of your course, topic by topic, resulting in maternal and newborn content made manageable

Over 1,250 multiple-choice and alternate-format questions help you build your confidence. Rationales for both correct and incorrect answers as well as test-taking tips help you critically analyze the question types. Plus, the two, 90-question exams on DavisPlus help you assess your progress.

Thoroughly updated, the 2nd Edition offers an increased emphasis onalternate-item format questions,including fill-in-the-blank, select-all-that-apply, and ordered response.

Maternal and Newborn Success: A Q&A Review 3rd Edition

This book is part of a series published by the F. A. Davis Company designed to assist  student nurses in reviewing essential information and in taking examinations, particularly the NCLEX-RN examination and certification exams. The book focuses predominantly  on childbearing—the antepartum, intrapartum, postpartum, and newborn periods—and, because of the childbearing focus, also includes questions about fetal and neonatal develop- ment. In addition, because women are pregnant for such a short period of their lives,  because childbearing occurs within the context of the family, and because embryonic and fetal development occur within the context of genetics, the text contains questions on those  topics. Other subjects, including sexually transmitted illnesses, domestic violence, rape, and contraception that affect women during the childbearing years—which make up about one third of a woman’s life—are also included. As a result, this text is an excellent supplement for a number of nursing school courses, including Parent-Child Nursing, Fetal Growth and Development, Basic Genetics, Family Processes, and Women’s Health.
To obtain the most from this book, the student is strongly encouraged to read the content related to the different topic areas and to study the material in a logical manner. Only if this is done will this book be valuable. Used as a supplement to foundational work, this book should be helpful in developing the skills needed to be successful on examinations, such as NCLEX and certification exams, in the relevant content areas.  A discussion of the types of questions asked on examinations, of techniques for approaching test questions in order to identify what is being asked, and of how to select correct re- sponses is included.

HOW TO USE Maternal and Newborn Success: A Q&A Review 3rd Edition

This book contains 11 chapters and is accompanied by a CD-ROM with two comprehensive examinations. This introductory chapter focuses on the types of questions included  in the NCLEX-RN examination and on how to approach studying and preparing for an  examination.

The Book with Detailed information along with Self-assessment Questions and Answers- Maternal and Newborn Success: A Q&A Review 3rd Edition


Chapters 2 through 11 focus on topics related to maternity nursing, most specifically the antepartum, intrapartum, postpartum, and newborn periods. Each of these chapters contains Practice Questions that test a student’s knowledge and Practice Question Answers and Rationales with specific tips on how to approach answering the question.

The reasons why a particular answer is correct and the reasons why other answer options are incorrect are given. These serve as valuable learning tools for the student and help to reinforce knowledge.

[lightbox full=”” title=”Example from this Book”]After the nurse has analyzed the data from his or her assessments, a nursing diagnosis is made.

Nurses are licensed to treat actual or potential health problems. Nursing diagnoses are statements of the health problems that the nurse, in collaboration with the client, has concluded are critical to the client’s well-being.

Example (continued) Based on the data above, the nurse now must develop the nursing diagnoses and pri- oritize the diagnoses as they relate to the care of a client with placenta previa.

Since a woman with placenta previa may or may not begin to bleed, it is essential that the nurse develop two sets of diagnoses: one aimed at preventing complications—that is, “risk for” diagnoses—and one directed at the worst-case scenario—that is, if the client should start to bleed.

The “risk for” nursing diagnoses for the example given above are: • Risk for maternal imbalanced fluid volume related to (r/t) hypovolemia secondary to ex- cessive blood loss • Risk for impaired fetal gas exchange r/t decreased blood volume and maternal cardiovas- cular compromise

•Maternal anxiety r/t concern for personal and fetal health The worst-case scenario (active bleeding) nursing diagnoses are: • Imbalanced maternal fluid volume r/t hypovolemia secondary to excessive blood loss

• Impaired fetal gas exchange r/t decreased blood volume and maternal cardiovascular compromise • Maternal anxiety r/t concern for personal and fetal health[/lightbox]

The two comprehensive CD-ROM examinations include questions—and answers—that cover all topics included in the 10 content chapters. The CD-ROM format will provide the test taker with practice in answering questions on the computer, a valuable help since the NCLEX-RN examination is computer based.