Atlas of Clinical Sleep Medicine 2nd edition ebook PDF download

Atlas of Clinical Sleep Medicine 2nd edition

Best book that is Atlas of Clinical Sleep Medicine 2nd edition ebook PDF download is now Ready to Download The girl has bilateral subconjunctival haemorrhages with ecchymoses of the upper and lower eyelids and a slight degree of congestion and oedema of the orbit. She also has fine petechiae of the face.

ii. The doctor needs to take a full medical history, in particular asking details of the nature of the cough. A social history should also be taken and health and social care records checked for previous safeguarding concerns.

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iii. Child abuse has been recognized as a cause of subconjunctival haemorrhage. Cases with non-accidental intracranial injury and fractures have presented with a single small unilateral haemorrhage when further investigations such as brain imaging and skeletal survey are done. Other causes of subconjunctival haemorrhage include blood dyscrasias and coagulopathies, malignancies such as metastatic neuroblastoma or rhabdomyosarcoma and leukaemia, conjunctivitis and traumatic asphyxia from severe chest compression. Bouts of violent coughing in pertussis, as in this case, were well recognized as a cause of severe subconjunctival haemorrhages when the infection was more common. However, the presence of pertussis does not rule out non-accidental injury, so appropriate assessments should still be undertaken in suspicious cases.

Atlas of Clinical Sleep Medicine 2nd edition ebook PDF download