Download PowerPoint presentation Otolaryngology for Medical Students PPT

Otolaryngology for Medical Students PPT consist of the following Otologic: ? Hearing loss Onset and rate of progression ? Otalgia Otologic vs. referred ? Otorrhea Consistency? ? Tinnitus ? Vertigo Differentiate from ‘dizzyness’ ? Noise exposure Nasal: Obstruction, discharge etc Drugs: Ototoxic agents Family History Of hearing loss etc.

Download PowerPoint presentation Otolaryngologyfor Medical Students  PPT

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Anatomy of the Ear

Anatomically the Ear is divided in 3 :- i-External: consist of the pinna & the E.A.C ii- Middle : the midd ear with eustachian tube &mastoid cellular system termed as midd.ear.cleft iii-Inner :it comprises the cochlea,vestibule and semicircular canals.the vestibulocochlear nerve( 8th nerve)connect the inner ear with the Brain.