Fluids & Electrolytes made incredibly easy Sixth Edition


Fluids & Electrolytes made incredibly easy Sixth Edition 2018 PDF


Fluids & Electrolytes made incredibly easy Sixth Edition If you are like me, you are too busy to wade through a foreword that uses pretentious terms and
umpsteen dull paragraphs to get to the point. So let’s cut right to the chase! Here is why this book is so terrific:

1. It will teach you all the important things you need to know about fluids and electrolytes. (It will leave out all the fluff that wastes your time.).

2. It will help you remember what you have learned.

3. It will make you smile as it enhances your knowledge and skills. Don’t believe me? Try these recurring logos on for size: Memory jogger!—helps you remember and understand difficult concepts CAUTION!—lists dangerous signs and symptoms and enables you to quickly recognize trouble It’s not working—helps you find alternative interventions when patient outcomes aren’t what you expected.

Chart smart—lists critical documentation elements that can keep you out of legal trouble Teaching points—provides clear patient-teaching tips that you can use to help your patients prevent recurrence of the problem Ages and stages—identifies issues to watch for in your pediatric and geriatric patients That’s a wrap!—summarizes what you’ve learned in the chapter See? I told you! And that’s not all. Look for me and my friends in the margins throughout this book.

We will be there to explain key concepts, provide important care reminders, and offer reassurance.Oh, and if you don’t mind, we’ll be spicing up the pages with a bit of humor alonghttps://www.file-upload.com/rjaxhpw0j7nu the way to teach
and entertain in a way that no other resource can.
I hope you find this book helpful. Best of luck throughout your career!

Fluids & Electrolytes made incredibly easy Sixth Edition