FRCS (Ophthalmology) Cakewalk Surviving Viva and Clinical Exam Ebook PDF download


FRCS (Ophthalmology) Cakewalk Surviving Viva and Clinical Exam Ebook PDF download

FRCS (Ophthalmology) Cakewalk Surviving Viva and Clinical Exam Ebook PDF download
FRCS (Ophthalmology) Cakewalk Surviving Viva and Clinical Exam

FRCS (Ophthalmology) Cakewalk Surviving Viva and Clinical Exam Ebook PDF download This refreshingly new book has been written with study materials from notes, lectures and reference books, compiled during my preparation for several postgraduate examinations in ophthalmology.

As I passed through the different phases of my training in this field and presented myself for the different clinical examinations; I felt an uncompromising need to
have a one-stop shop to crack all these examinations successfully.

I noticed during my preparations that most of the available books were based on providing long lists of differential diagnoses; more often than not these were just the summaries of the existing textbooks. Clinical and viva examinations are a different ball game altogether.

Textbooks and their synopses only help to write the regular answers to the standard questions and provide a good basic knowledge. The textbooks drastically fail to help in approaching the practical part of the target examination.
This void prompted me to write a clinically oriented, interesting and easy to read book.

FRCS (Ophthalmology) Cakewalk Surviving Viva and Clinical Exam Mamra Mittal

  • Taking cue from my own exams and difficulties faced during the journey; I have attempted to present relevant facts in a manner that facilitates rather than burdens the memory.
  • It does not provide you all the overburdened textbook details and facts, which are neither required nor appropriate for practical exam.
  • It is certainly not a substitute for the textbook—though I believe this book will be of invaluable help to the senior postgraduate students aspiring to walk through several postgraduate examinations in ophthalmology with ease.

This book provides a broad-based review for the final year ophthalmology residents taking the specialist ophthalmology exams, particularly for exams with a strong emphasis on oral or viva component. Although primarily aimed at candidates attempting the British postgraduate exams (FRCS, MRCS, MRCOphth and FRCOphth); it will be equally useful for any other such examination systems, e.g. American Boards, OKAP, DNB. In addition, many junior residents may also find this book very informative for practical tips.

The style and format of this book is didactic. The information and key facts that are considered relevant only from an examination perspective have been covered.

Topics that may have scientific and academic value, but are not commonly asked in the exams, have intentionally not been much emphasized. I am confident that examinees would find it a crisp guide with enough information to serve as the main revision book and imbibe the  contents suitably as they are nearer the exams.


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