Lippincott Manual of Clinical Oncology 7th Edition Ebook PDF download

Lippincott Manual of Clinical Oncology 7th Edition Ebook PDF download
Lippincott Manual of Clinical Oncology 7th Edition

Lippincott Manual of Clinical Oncology 7th Edition Ebook PDF download  The Manual of Clinical Oncology, which has attained popularity as a reference source foroncology fellows, residents, and medical students, is completely revised for its seventh edition. Like its predecessors, it focuses on information useful for making diagnostic and therapeutic decisions at the bedside of patients with cancer. The goal for the Manual has been to remain comprehensive, current, and concise, without being susceptible to rapid obsolescence.

Redundancy is not allowed. Evanescent aspects of oncology, such as chemotherapy “regimens of the month,” have been assiduously avoided. The chapters are grouped into four parts. Part I presents the principles of diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Parts II and III address the specifi c malignancies in a uniform format. Part IV presents complications of cancer according to end-organ involvement, whether by local invasion, metastasis, paraneoplasia, or therapy.

Appendix A defi nes cytogenetic nomenclature. Appendix B tabulates the adverse events criteria for evaluating drugs used in clinical trials. Appendix C presents tumor identifi ers, such as microscopic clues of tumor origin, immunohistochemical differential diagnosis, and the World Health Organization’s classifi cations of hematopoietic malignancies.

Lippincott Manual of Clinical Oncology 7th Edition Ebook PDF download

  • Appendix D shows the most useful chemotherapeutic regimens for lymphomas.
  • Appendix E (A Cancer Survival Guide for Women) offers poignant and specifi c advice for living life and sustaining sexuality by a 39 year old teacher with advanced cancer.
  • The first edition was written nearly exclusively by Dr. Barry Lowitz and me. New authors contributing to subsequent editions signifi cantly expanded the expertise and geographic distribution of the faculty.
  • Yet, every line of the entire book has been meticulously redacted by this editor to ensure consistency in organization, content, style, and philosophy. For the current edition, we gratefully welcome the important contributions of the following “first-time” authors: Dr. Axel Grothey, Dr. Hyung Kim, Dr. Kenneth Kleinman, Dr. Ronald Mitsuyasu, Dr. Sumanta Pal, Dr. Maie St. John, Dr. Cristiane Takita, Dr. Lisa Thompson, and Dr. Steven Wong.

Cancer management involves so many clinical and psychosocial parameters that treatment based on any fi nite number of data points is patently illogical. Each patient is unique and almost never has a clinical course that follows a predictable statistical model. The complex and unpredictable nature of cancer makes treatment decisions a high art, refi ned by a balance of science, personal experience, common sense, and sound synthesis.

This seventh edition of the Manual of Clinical Oncology reaffi rms the unique relationship between the patient and the doctor and continues its commitment to provide the caregiver with the ability to temper today’s popular interventions with good judgment and a cautious open-mindedness to the promise of the future.

MANUAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY 7th Edition Ebook PDF download