Practical Fracture Treatment Fifth Edition Ebook PDF


Practical Fracture Treatment Fifth Edition Ebook PDF

Practical  Fracture  Treatment Fifth Edition Ebook PDF
Practical Fracture Treatment Fifth Edition

Orthopedics best book Practical Fracture Treatment Fifth Edition Ebook PDFΒ This book has been written primarily for the medical student, and the introductory section assumes little prior knowledge of the subject. The second part,which deals with particular fractures, is set in places at a more advanced level; it is hoped that the book will thereby continue to prove of value to the student when he moves to his first casualty or registrar post.In planning this volume, I have paid particular attention to two points. Firstly, the details of each fracture and a good deal of the introductory section have been arranged in a linear sequence.

Practical Fracture Treatment Fifth Edition Ebook PDF

  • The material has been divided into small packets of text and illustration in order to facilitate comprehension and learning.
  • These packets have been set out in a logical sequence which in most cases is based on the relative importance of the initial decisions which must be made in a case, and the order in which treatment procedures should be carried out.
  • This format is in a few places restrictive, with an imbalance in the amount of information carried by either text or llustration.

This must be accepted because of spatial and subject limitations. Generally, however, text and illustration will be found to complement one another. The text, although of necessity brief, is concise and, it is hoped, to the point.

Secondly, fracture treatment has been given in an uncommon amount of practical detail. As there is such a variety of accepted treatments for even the simplest of fractures, this has the danger of attracting the criticism of being controversial and didactic. This is far from my intention, and I have tried to avoid this in several ways. Firstly, as minor fractures and most children’s fractures (together forming the bulk of all fractures) are most frequently treated conservatively, the conservative approach I have employed for these injuries should on the whole receive general approval. Secondly, in the more controversial long bone fractures in adults, and in fractures involving joints, I have on the whole pursued a middle course between the extremes of conservative and surgical management.

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The methods I have singled out for description are those which I consider safest and most reliable in the hands of the comparatively inexperienced. Where alternative methods appear to me to be equally valid I have generally included these. To conceal my own whims I have not always placed these in the order of personal preference. In consequence, I hope that any offence given by the methods describedΒ  will be restricted to the most extreme quarters.

Practical Fracture Treatment Fifth Edition Ebook PDFg