Revision Notes for MCEM Part B eBook PDF download

Revision Notes for MCEM Part B eBook PDF download

Revision Notes for  MCEM Part B eBook PDF download


Revision Notes for MCEM Part B eBook PDF download The Membership of the College of Emergency Medicine (MCEM) exam is a pre-requisite for
higher specialist training in Emergency Medicine in the United Kingdom. It consists of three
sections, parts A, B, and C, which have to be passed in succession. The MCEM exam is competency
based and assesses the knowledge, skills, and behaviour necessary for the clinical practice of
Emergency Medicine. The examination is based on the College’s curriculum.
Part A tests candidates’ knowledge of basic sciences in a multiple choice format. Part B
focuses on data interpretation and problem-solving skills, and is a short answer question (SAQ)
paper. Part C consists of 18 Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) stations, which
assess clinical skills.
Working as a Consultant in Emergency Medicine I have passed the MCEM and FCEM examina-
tions and faced the problem many candidates have of fi nding resources to help prepare for the
exam. I have also prepared hundreds of candidates for the MCEM examination as part of teaching on an MCEM revision course and in my role as an Educational Supervisor. I have been asked
numerous times to recommend books that candidates can use to revise for the exam and have  always been struck by the lack of published resources. Therefore I wrote this book to help address  “this need. In writing the revision guide I have tried to create the book I wish I had had when preparing for the MCEM and FCEM examinations.

This book provides candidates with a comprehensive revision tool for the part B examination and will also be useful for those revising for parts A and C of the MCEM examination, and those
preparing for the FCEM examination.

The chapters are divided into systems and the content is based on the College of Emergency  Medicine Curriculum 2010. The format for each topic follows a similar layout incorporating patho-
physiology (when relevant), clinical features, investigations, scoring systems (where they exist), ED  management, and defi nitive management (when applicable). National clinical guidelines are often used as the basis for questions and, where relevant, these are summarized. Within each chapter  there are ‘exam tips’ boxes and ‘key points’ boxes.

The exam tips provide advice for the exam and  the key points summarize the main learning points from a section. Where, to my knowledge, previous subjects have appeared in a SAQ paper, they will be highlighted. At the end of each chapter are  sample SAQs and suggested answers, to enable the candidate to practice questions and reinforce  key facts from the chapter.

Revision Notes for MCEM Part B eBook PDF download


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