Oxford Handbook of Critical Care THIRD EDITION


Oxford Handbook of Critical Care THIRD EDITION

Oxford Handbook of Critical Care THIRD EDITION

Oxford Handbook of Critical Care THIRD EDITION Of all the medical specialities, few, if any, are as exacting and complex as  critical care medicine. The required knowledge of physiology, pathophysi-
ology, biochemistry, technology, and pharmacology; the unpredictability;
the need to act and react decisively; the ability to communicate clearly
with colleagues, patients, and relatives, often in stressful situations; the
importance of working cohesively within an expanded team drawn from
different backgrounds; and the regular occurrences of ethical and life-
and-death dilemmas, all place heavy demands on the intensive care staff

This book does not aim to be a panacea; many areas of uncertainty
in diagnosis and management remain. However, current best practice (at
least as practised by us!) is described in succinct, concise, clinically orien-
tated sections, covering therapeutic and monitoring, drugs and fl uids, spe-
cifi c organ system disorders and complications, and general management
philosophies. Ample space is provided to append or amend sections to
suit your particular practice.

It will hopefully serve the consultant, junior doctor, nurse, or other para-
medical staff as a reference book, aide memoire, and handy pocket book,
providing rationales and solutions to most of the problems encountered.
Buoyed by the positive feedback we received after publication of the
1st edition of this book, we endeavoured to maintain the style and, where
appropriate, changed the substance for the 2nd edition. This involved the
addition of some new sections to describe recent innovations in either
thought and/or process. However, many of the existing chapters were
updated to refl ect the rapid rate of change in ICU management that has
occurred since we last put pen to paper.

Oxford Handbook of Critical Care THIRD EDITION


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