Oxford Handbook of Operative Surgery Third edition


Oxford Handbook of Operative Surgery Third edition

Oxford  Handbook of  Operative  Surgery Third edition

Oxford Handbook of Operative Surgery Third edition t is twenty years since the first edition of Operative Surgery was published.  At that time trainees were apprentices in surgery and the emerging consultant was a varied creature in terms of skill and experience, but had the
advantage of many hours of exposure to surgical procedures.

By contrast, when the second edition appeared ten years later, the
number of training hours had been considerably reduced while training
had become more formalized to ensure the standardization of surgical
excellence by regular attendance at educational and surgical skills courses.
Further, the specialty of general surgery gradually gave way to specialized
surgical units including emergency surgery.

As a result this third edition covers the operations listed in the intercol-
legiate surgical curriculum for each of the ten surgical specialties. It has been
extensively updated and rewritten in keeping with the advances of the last
ten years.

Trainees in their early years, while sampling a number of surgical special-
ties, will find in the handbook a detailed description of common operations
at which they will assist and ultimately perform. For the specialty-specific
intermediate and final stages of training a range of operations that trainees
will perform is concisely described. In addition, medical students and house-
men will find the descriptions useful during their surgical attachments as will
specialist senior nurses and nurse assistants.

A section of ‘tips and tricks’ is included to add the wisdom of years of
experience. We hope the handbook meets individual needs and will continue to  impact on the subsequent production of highly-skilled and well-trained sur-
geons both now and in the future.

Oxford Handbook of Operative Surgery Third edition