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Oxford Handbook of  Surgical Nursing

Oxford Handbook of
Surgical Nursing


Oxford Handbook of  Surgical Nursing

Oxford Handbook of  Surgical Nursing Contributing to the writing and editing of this book has been both chal-
lenging and rewarding, and the end result is a product of the passion  and expertise of the many contributors for improving the care of the  surgical patient.

It is hoped that, by using this key resource, the reader
will gain an insight into the diverse nature of surgical nursing and develop  confidence in their clinical practice. Each chapter has been written by
healthcare professionals with a passion for and expertise in their subject  area.

The key references and suggestions for further reading at the end .of each section provide the reader with opportunities to supplement  their knowledge further.
Surgery is a complex and varied specialty that has seen significant  changes and technical advances in recent years. Central to this has been  the skill and support of the surgical nurse in ensuring improved outcomes
and compassionate care for patients. From the operating theatre to the  hospital bed, the surgical nursing specialty has developed and diversified to keep pace with the many advances and improvements in surgery.

Many textbooks in this subject area provide comprehensive information  in an attempt ‘to cover all bases’, which often means that these text-
books are large and not easily transportable to the bedside. In developing the Oxford Handbook of Surgical Nursing, the editors have aimed to adhere to the Oxford Handbook philosophy of providing high- quality, quick-reference, pocket-sized resources that enable nurses to
easily check key clinical facts. It is hoped that this Handbook will also  complement and build upon other publications, while enabling nurses
and other allied healthcare professionals to quickly access concise relevant information to support their clinical practice

Oxford Handbook of  Surgical Nursing



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