Ricardo Persaud DO-HNS and MRCS (ENT) OSCE Guide


Ricardo Persaud DO-HNS and MRCS (ENT) OSCE Guide

Ricardo Persaud DO-HNS and MRCS (ENT) OSCE Guide
Ricardo Persaud DO-HNS and MRCS (ENT) OSCE Guide

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Ricardo Persaud

This revision guide offers the most up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of the essential information relevant to passing the DO-HNS/MRCS (ENT) OSCE Examination. It is divided into two sections to mirror the real examination: unmanned (non-interactive) and manned (interactive) stations. A myriad of questions similar, but not identical, to those used in the actual examination is presented in this book. Some questions deliberately raise the bar, in order to stimulate learning at the next level. Clear succinct answers are provided, along with visually-enhanced revision notes to improve understanding of key concepts and to boost confidence whilst preparing for the final hurdle. A unique feature of this book is a matching exercise on audiograms, which uncovers some of the mysteries in Clinical Audiology.

All of the contributors have successfully gone through the DO-HNS OSCE event, hence they are in an ideal position to offer a wealth of sound advice and top tips. As a LAT Registrar, Mr Persaud was actually involved in the original pilot mock DO-HNS OSCE Examination in 2003 at the Royal College of Surgeons of England and has followed the changes in the exam ever since. Both Professor Pau and Mr Persaud are Consultant ENT Surgeons with considerable experience in ‘separating the wheat from the chaff’ when it comes to teaching and writing.


This book is invaluable not only to those studying for DO-HNS/MRCS (ENT) diplomas, but also other ENT trainees in the UK and abroad who desire a quantum leap in their understanding of the fundamental principles of Otolaryngology. Consultants ENT Surgeons or equivalent may also find the content helpful to update their theoretical knowledge base of Otolaryngology and the format of the DO-HNS OSCE examination.