How to Pass the MRCS OSCE Volume 1 & 2 Latest Edition


How to Pass the MRCS OSCE Volume 1 & 2 Latest Edition

MRCS is still a Toughest Exam Preparation as well as OSCEs Among all the other Exams .so this will will definitely Give some important Clues and Essentials for you to Crack the OSCEs can also have some Others Books for your MRCS Exam Preparation here in our site .we want to keep you Updated kindly Support us by Sharing our Site and Facebook page with your Friends and community members.

How to Pass the MRCS OSCE Volume

Before we proceed to the Book Preface here we have some questions for you.we thought it will help you.kindly take a Look and Try to Crack it .

A patient presents to the emergency department following an assault in which he was hit in the face with a cricket bat. On examination he has facial swelling. X-rays reveal a fracture that passes through the posterior alveolar ridge, lateral walls of the maxillary sinuses, inferior orbital rim and nasal bones. How would you classify this fracture?


Select one answer only.

A. Le Fort I
B. Le Fort II
C. Le Fort III
D. Le Fort IV
E. Nasal fracture.

Let’s move to the Book . This is the only guide you need to pass the MRCS Part B OSCE examination. This unique two-volume set includes comprehensive revision notes on all the areas covered in the exam, numerous practice scenarios with model answers in the format they would be encountered in the exam, and essential exam technique tips.


Written by a team of editors and authors with extensive experience of the exam and all the recent changes, it broaches topics that can often trip up the candidate, including communication and history-taking skills. Revision is aided by over 130 images and illustrations, as well as boxes highlighting clinical tips and exam hints.