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Dermatopathology Primer of Cutaneous Tumors – First Edition 1e PDF eBook Download

Dermatopathology Primer of Cutaneous Tumors – First Edition 1e PDF eBook Download

Best Form Dermatology Consultants and Resident Doctors with Essential Pathophysiology

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Dermatopathology Primer of Cutaneous Tumors

How to Examine in Dermatological Scenarios

The complete cutaneous examination includes inspection of the entire skin surface, including oftenoverlooked areas such as the scalp, eyelids, ears, genitals, buttocks, perineum, and interdigital spaces; the hair; the nails; and the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, mouth, genitals, and anus.

Patients presenting with a highly focused complaint, such as a single wart or acne, may not require a comprehensive
skin examination in routine clinical practice.

There are many advantages to performing a complete cutaneous examination, including identification of potentially harmful lesions, such as skin cancers, providing reassurance for benign skin findings, locating additional diagnostic clues (Wickham’s striae on the buccal mucosa in lichen planus, for instance), opportunities for patient education (eg, lentigines are a sign of sun damage and suggest the need for improved sun protection), and an opportunity to convey the physician’s concern about the patient’s skin health through a thorough examination.


A thorough evaluation increases  the possibility of making a diagnosis at the bedside  and mitigates the risk of overlooking another diagnosis.

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