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Congenital Syphilis in 5min – Symptoms , Radiographic Findings , Traids Must know Points

Congenital Syphilis in 5min – Must Know Essential Points

Congenital Syphilis in 5min - Must Know Essential Points

Early manifestation of congenital infection vary and involve multiple organ systems.


  • About 60% of infants born with congenital syphilis are asymptomatic at birth
  • Symptoms develop within the first 2 months of life . In symptomatic infants , the most common physical finding, seen in 100% of cases , is hepatomegaly.
  • The other common findings are skeletal abnormalities, rash ,and generalised lymphadenopathy.
  • Radiographic abnormalities, periostitis or osteitis , involve multiple bones . Sometimes, the lesion is painful and an infant will favour an extremely (pseudopalsy )
  • The rash is maculopapular and may involve palms and soles . In contrast to acquired syphillis , a vesicular rash and Bullae may develop. These lesions are also highly contagious.
  • Mucosal involvement may present as rhinitis  ( snuffles ). Nasal secretions are highly contagious.
  • Haematological abnormalities include anemia and thrombocytopenia.

Late onset congenital syphillis:

It is a common pattern of presentation for congenital syphillis and consists of three phenomena also called as Hutchinson triad

Congenital Syphilis in 5min - Must Know Essential Points



    Manifestation also include :


  • Bone involvement: saber shins , saddle nose.
  • Teeth involvement : notched, peg shaped incisors ( Hutchinson teeth)
  • Pigmentory involvement : linear scars ( rhagades) at the corner of the mouth
  • Interstitial keratitis : present in the first or second decade of life .
  • Sensory neural hearing loss ( CN VIII deafness)



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