Must know Points in Calcium Deficiency and Disorders

 Must know Points in Calcium Deficiency and Disorders for FMGE / NEET-PG

As we all know there a Some important Disease etiologies is due to Calcium Deficiency.Now we will see some important information or we can say must know concepts for Calcium Disorders.


  In osteomalacia the serum calcium level is low , the phosphates are low , and alkaline phosphates are low , and alkaline phosphates is high.

Pathophysiology :

  Lack of sunlight exposure, nutritional deficiency of Vitamin D , malabsorption syndrome, partial gastrectomy.

 Failure of absorption of calcium and phosphorus ( decreased serum calcium and phosphorus)

 Decreased turnover of calcium and phosphorus in bone matrix.

 Demineralisation of bone and bony substance replaced by soft osteoid tissue .

 Bone pains , muscular weakness (myopathy), spontaneous fractures.


Disease Cause Radiological features
Osteopetrosis Osteoclasts dysfunction Bone within bone appearance

Rugger jersey spine

Osteoporosis Loss of bone mass Cod fish vertebrae

Penicilling – in -vertebrae

Osteogenesis imperfecta Deficiency of synthesis of type1 collagen Thickened or deformed bone due to multiple fractures
Osteomalacia Vitamin D deficiency Looser’s zone or pseudo fracture.
Scurvey Vitamin C deficiency. Frenkel’s line , ring sign , thin cortex , Scurvey line
Rickets Vitamin D deficiency Widening of growth plate , cupping of the metaphysis.