How to Apply for Internship at Tamilnadu Medical Council after Clearing FMGE – A Step by Step Explanation


    How to Apply for Internship at Tamilnadu Medical Council after Clearing FMGE – A Step by Step Explanation

    How to Apply for Internship at Tamilnadu Medical Council after Clearing FMGE - A Step by Step Explanation

    Hi Dear Doctors Welcome , We are Going to see What to do after FMGE  So After Getting NBE MARKSHEET /PASS Certificate we need to register in the concerned State Medical Council for provisional  certificate. Previously we had to do this in both the MCI and State  Medical Council Now , its enough to register in the concerned State Medical Council.

    Concerned State Medical Council – to get provisional registration certificate
    from the State which you are going to do internship
    1) If you wish to do your CRRI(internship) in Delhi, then you can apply to Delhi medical council
    2) If you wish to do your CRRI in andhra pradesh, then you can apply to andhra Medical Council, vijayawada
    3) If you wish to do your CRRI Tamilnadu, you can apply to Tamilnadu Medical Council
    if you got provisional registration certificate from a concerned state medical  council, you had to
    complete your internship in the same state and get permanent registration from the same state.

    eg. if you got your provision registration certificate from Delhi Medical Council, you had to finish your
    CRRI there, and get your premanent registration from the Delhi Medical Council itself.

    After then, if you wish, you can add your name to your Home State Registry (ex, a Tamilnadu guy/girl got
    his/her permanent registration from andhra pradesh can later add his name to tamilnadu registry by requesting in Tamilnadu Medical Council)

    You can do internship from any state and later get permanently registered to your home state.

    How to Apply for Internship at Tamilnadu

    For students who are applying in Tamilnadu medical council👇👇

    The following are the procedures in Tamilnadu State Medical Council
    venue : (opposite to Arumbakkam megamart )No.914, Poonamalle High Road, Arumbakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600106 time : 10.00-5.00pm (office opens by 9.30am but only after 10am they will consider )(First floor)

    Documents required on first visit to TamilNadu  State Medical Council
    1) Photocopy of NBE marksheet
    2) Photocopy of Eligibility Certificate
    3) Photocopy of Degree
    4) Photocopy of Transcript (degree marksheet)
    5) photocopy of School Marksheets (10,11,12)
    6) Photocopy of Passport
    7) Photocopy of someother ID proof (voterID/Aadhar/driving license)
    8) Filled Application form.
    (Bring your Originals with you for verification purposes. During the first visit
    they usually dont ask original documents.)

    Application form for TamilNadu medical council is given below, dont
    worry about the information given in the paper. Just fill whatever is needed.

    ( Update :   The things below are for verification purposes if you have studied in Tamilnadu matriculation /state  boàrd .if you have got apostille/ red seal , you no need to do the bellow challan things )

    Things related to apostille and red seal
    If you haven’t got apostille /red seal -you have to do the challan thing Getting apostille takes 3 days , but verification by the below process may take a long time

    They will give a challan in the reception which you had to fill and deposit RS.100 in State bank of India -e-treasurey branch , near Chennai beach station.

    Not the main State bank office opposite to beach station , it is treasury branch of SBI

    (Chennai beach station -backside of Jesus calls building- UTI building )

    Fill head of account as “marksheet verification” and date and sign it in all 3 sides. And mention denomination backside (the rupee notes you are going to give )

    After paying in the bank, Give the challan to the reception and write your name on back)

    For persons who apply to TNMC may get acknowledgement letter in 10-15 days (1 week if you are lucky ). Some may not get acknowledgement even. They will send verification to university and they will verify our 10 th and 12 th certificate in DPI .
    You will get call (sometimes you dont get ) to come for getting the provisional. On that day , you have to pay RS. 5000 . They will verify whether your provisional is ready and give you a challan which you have to fill . Then pay at the counter downstairs . (+30 for charges ) .The person has to take the paid challan ,originals and a photocopy of degree . They will seal it with Tamilnadu Medical Council seal . You will have to wait till 3.30 pm for getting provisional ( sometimes you can get it faster ) .

    The whole process may take minimum 30 to 60 days to get provisional
    registration certificate in TNMC.