Anatomy and Examination in Ocular Trauma eBook PDF Download


Anatomy and Examination in Ocular Trauma eBook PDF Download

Anatomy and Examination in Ocular Trauma eBook PDF Download

Anatomy and Examination of the eye is still very difficult to learn for all of us as a medical students .but this book Anatomy and Examination in Ocular Trauma will definitly help us to make the subjects very Short and Easy to understand we hope this post is helpful for you..thanks and kindly give your Love and unconditional support to us..

Anatomy and Examination in Ocular Trauma

Ophthalmology has always been a very scoring subject on entrance exams. Over the past 4-5 years, the trend of questions in Ophthalmology has changed tremendously. The reason is that Ophthalmology is a rapidly evolving subject with new developmeNts taking place at a very fast pace. Thus, diagnostic and treatment modalities keep changing too.Keeping all this in mind, I have made an attempt to write this book It is primarily intended for students preparing for PG medical entrance examinations. But it can be useful for MBBS students for a quick revision before their examination. It can also be used by Ophthalmology residents and practitioners as a ready reference.

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Let us Discuss something about anatomy of the Eye

Development of the eye

The development of the eye starts at about the third week of gestation. The neural tube which forms the forebrain gives rise to one diverticulum on either side known as the optic vesicles.

The optic vesicle (neuroectoderm) meets the surface ectoderm which shows an area of thickening called the lens placode. The optic vesicle invaginates to form the two layered optic cups. Eventually, the inner layer of the cup forms the neurosensory retinal whereas the outer layer forms the retinal pigment epitheliums.


It then continues backward as the optic nerve with its meninges to the brain. The anterior end of the cup later differentiates into the ciliary epithelium, iris epithelium and muscles of the iris.