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Anatomy Questions asked in MCI/FMGE 2019 Examinations

Anatomy Questions asked in MCI/FMGE 2019 Examinations

Anatomy Questions asked in MCI/FMGE 2019 Examinations

Dear fellows and FMGE preparators welcome to our blog we hope we are doing our best possible workout to make all the essential resources available for you.now in this post we are going to share the question and Explanations..please don’t forget to share our page with your friend’s.

Anatomy Questions asked in MCI/FMGE 2019 Examinations

1.Glossopharyngeal nerve supplies which of the following
gland ?
a) Parotid gland
b) Submandibular gland
c) Sublingual gland
d) Lacrimal gland
Correct Answer: a) Parotid gland.

2. Failure of closure of rostral neuropore at 25th day leads to .
a) Rachischisis
b) Spina Bifida
c) Anencephaly
d) Hydranencephaly
Correct Answer: c) Anencephaly

3.A patient presents with hypothenar muscle wasting and loss
of sensation of medial one and a half digits. Which nerve is
a) Ulnar nerve
b) Median nerve
c) Radial nerve
d) Musculocutaneous nerve
Correct answer: a) Ulnar nerve

4.Identify the muscle marked in the diagram
a) Teres major
b) Teres minor
c) Infraspinatus
d) Supraspinatus
Correct Answer: a) Teres major

5. Which cranial nerve carries para sympathetic fibres?
a) Accessory nerve
b) Hypoglossal nerve
c) Vagus nerve
d) Trigeminal nerve
Correct Answer: c) Vagus nerve

6. Deep inguinal ring is formed in…
a) Trasversus abdominis
b) Transversalis fascia
c) External oblique aponeurosis
d) Internal oblique aponeurosis
Correct Answer: b) Transversalis fascia

8. Inferior scapular angle is at which level?
a) T4
b) T6
c) T8
d) T2
Correct answer: c) T8

9. Testicular artery is a branch of..
a) Common iliac artery
b) Abdominal aorta
c) Internal iliac artery
d) External iliac artery
Correct answer: b) Abdominal aorta

10. Flexion, adduction and medial rotation of arm is by which
a) Pectoralis minor
b) Pectoralis major
c) Subclavius
d) Serratus Anterior
Correct Answer: b) Pectoralis major

12. Identify the marked muscle in the diagram.
a) Flexor Hallucis longus
b) Extensor Hallucis longus
c) Extensor digitorum longus
d) Tibialis anterior
Correct answer:
b) Extensor Hallucis longus

13.Upper Lateral cutaneous nerve of arm is a branch of..
a) Radial nerve
b) Ulnar Nerve
c) Axillary nerve
d) Musculocutaneous nerve
Correct Answer: c) Axillary nerve

# The lateral aspect of arm isย  supplied by the upper lateral cutaneous nerve ( branch of axillary nerve) and the lower lateral cutaneous nerve ( a branch of radial nerve).
#On the medial aspect of arm, upper medial aspect of arm is supplied by intercostobrachial nerve ( lateral branch of the second intercostal nerve) and the
lower medial aspect of arm is supplied by the medical cutaneous nerve of arm.

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