Dermatology Simplified: Outlines And Mnemonics PDF Download


Dermatology Simplified: Outlines And Mnemonics

Dermatology Simplified: Outlines And Mnemonicsย 

Dermatology Simplified : Outlines and mnemonics book is derived from the consultant taken from Dermatology residency and this book shows the important essentials that we need to know for the medical examinations.we hope this book will be the best companion for you when you are in Residency training .

Dermatology Simplified: Outlines And Mnemonics

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This text is a compilation of many wonderful pearls and mnemonics. As the back cover states, the text โ€œis derived from the authorโ€™s notes taken during dermatology residencyโ€โ€“ the author clearly took great notes.

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While the book is geared toward residents, it would benefit medical students, early career dermatologists, and dermatologists preparing for their maintenance of certification; it also conveniently fits into a white coat pocket.