drkamalkv’s Mock test Assessment for Foreign Medical Graduates FMGE / MCI Exam PDF download

drkamalkv’s Mock test Assessment for Foreign Medical Graduates PDF

Welcome dear colleagues today in this post we are Going to share the most Searched Topic by FMGE students here that our Dr.Kamalkv Sir Classes and his extraordinary Exams and last but not least the Assessment Predictions.Lets check it out dears.

drkamalkv’s CLASSES for Foreign Medical Graduates

Let us Discuss the main things before we go in to deep topics.

Possibility of repeats from this matter may be ZERO% so please attend this matter only if you finished your
quota of studies.

Assessment parameter:
if the Score >200: 99.999999% passing chance
if Score 151-199: 75% passing chance
if Score 101-150: 50% passing chance
if Score <100: Can’t predict the outcome (They may pass, if their stars are bright on 14.12.2018)

Above scoring is more valid if you solve the paper within 150 minutes (30 seconds for 1 question).

This paper is prepared mainly for FMGE aspirants (14.12.2018) but NEET-PG aspirants can also try their
level of preparation.

we will try to share some questions not more than 10 here so that you will have some clear view about this.

Statement €  Your answer
1 Nerve supply of cornea
2 Curavture of cornea is measured by
3 Cryptococcal capsule is stained by
4 Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis is caused by
5 Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis is a complication of
6 How many students are there in one batch of drkamalkv’s classes
7 Formula used to calculate the power of intra-ocular lens
8 Sudden onset of open-angle glaucoma caused by a leaking mature or hypermature
(rarely immature) cataract.
9 Vossius ring is a feature of
10 Active form of vitamin D