FMGE Solution 4th Edition by Dr.Deepak Marwah

Dear Colleagues and FMGE Preparators i know the value of time especially the 6months coaching that going to change the entire carrier for your Life  But have you ever thought are you in the Correct Guide Books?? Let us discuss some important stuffs that you really need to know for FMGE preparation .

Im i using the correct Guide Book?? 📖

I will say Yes if you are using FMGE SOLUTION We are saying yes because the only book that exclusivly made for us Foregin Graduates and readily available at all the Stores and E-commerce websites.

Questions are made like Previous year FMGE papers and they are Regularly Checked by professional Teams.  and almost entire NBE Question Bank like Topics are there for Students to be Practiced and ready.

Explanations From our view almost more than 75% of Foreign Medical Institutes are using Standard international author Books. so FMGE solution Simplifies the concept from the Standard International Books for each and every Questions.

Image Based When we say image Based Questions then still FMGE is there to beat that Category with all the image based Question and essential concepts for each of them..

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    FMGE Solutions 4th Ed.

We thought it would be Good if we share a Question with the exact answers from FMGE solution

Here you can take a look of the PDF that we have shared for your information

Topics Asked in FMGE Dec 2018 from
FMGE Solutions 4th Ed..