M. Haroon Mnemonics for Paediatrics PDF download


M. Haroon Mnemonics for Paediatrics

M. Haroon Mnemonics for Paediatrics PDF download

M.Haroon Pastest Mnemonics for Pediatrics is a complete book for you if you are looking a permanent solution for your Pediatrics since this book has every concepts that we need to know for our Basic Pediatric clinicals . here we can look further for more information about Pediatrics essential concepts.

(Attention Deficit/Hype ractivity
Disorder, ADHD)

A. Definition
1. Characteristics of ADHD include poor selective attention, difficulty focu sin g, or distractibility. Hyperactivity may or may not be present.
2. Children with disorders of attention may show impulsivity, distractibility, disinhibition , and general behavioral immatu rity.
B. Epidemiology and etiology

1. ADHD is more common in boys.
2. The cau se of ADHD is u n kn ow n .
a. Ge n e tic factors play a large role ; 30–50% of affected children have a first-degree relative with ADHD.
b. Abnormalities in neurotransmitter function, especially dopamine and
norepinephrine, also lead to symptoms.
C. Differential Diagnosis
D. Clinical Features. Specific criteria must be present, including:
1. Symptoms before 7 years of age
2. Symptoms in more than oneenvironment (e.g. school and home)
3. Impairment in functioning in school or in personal relationships
4. Symptoms of inattention, including not being able to focus during classroom instruction, difficulty with organization, and forgetfulness
5. Symptoms of h ype ractivity, which may include fidgeting, acting as if driven by a motor, excessive talking, and difficulty remaining seated in the classroom
6. Symptoms of im pu lsivity, which may include behavior such as blurting
out answers before a question is completed.