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Oncall Principles & Protocols Fifth Edition PDF Download

Oncall Principles & Protocols Fifth Edition PDF Download

Oncall Principles  & Protocols Fifth Edition PDF Download

Oncall Principles and Protocols on of the best selling book during late years since it reduced the stress of  students as well as budding doctors by providing all the essential information and Emergency procedural cares.now in this post we have helped you with this book..please like us and share us via FaceBook.

Oncall Principles & Protocols Fifth Edition

The book is divided into three main sections.
The first section covers introductory material in four  separate chapters:
• Chapter 1, Approach to the Diagnosis and Management of On-Call Problems
• Chapter 2, Documentation of On-Call Problems
• Chapter 3, Assessment and Management of Volume Status
• Chapter 4, AIDS, HBV, HCV, Influenza, and the House OfficerVolume status is discussed in the introductory section because assessment of volume status is essential for the proper management of many problems in hospitalized patients. A statement on AIDS is included because of the small risk that caring for HIV-infected patients poses to healthcare workers.

The second section contains the common calls associated with patient-related problems. Each problem is approached from its inception, beginning with the relevant questions that should be asked over the phone, the temporary orders that should be given, and the major life-threatening problems to be considered as one approaches the bedside. The names and doses of medication are in green for easy location and reference.


The rationales behind questions that are asked are indented, and the thoughts behind management decisions that are recommended are set off with a vertical green line.


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