Pharmacology Questions asked in MCI/FMGE 2019 Examinations PDF


Pharmacology Questions asked in MCI/FMGE 2019 Examinations PDF

Pharmacology Question asked in FMGE /MCI 2019 Exam was quite Easy compared to previous examinations. and as everyone knows pharmacology is very important subject for your FMGE exam since it has almost all the essential and important drug concepts for almost entire Major as welo as minor we hope this will be very helpful for you if you are looking for Good resources to your screening examinations.

Pharmacology Questions asked in MCI/FMGE 2019 Examinations PDF

1. Shortest acting corticosteroid among the following is?
a. Dexamethasone
b. Hydrocortisone
c. Triamcinolone
d. Deflazacort
Ref: Endocrine: Adrenal 6.44

2. Which of the following anti-epileptic drug has highest teratogenic potential?
a. Valproate
b. Carbamazepine
c. Phenytoin
d. Lamotrigine

3. Healthy volunteers are recruited in which phase of clinical trials?
a. Phase 1
b. Phase 2
c. Phase 3
d. Phase 4
Ref: T-20: 23.49
Ref: Pharmacodynamics 24.42

4. Long term use of which of the following drug is most likely associated with development of
a. Salbutamol
b. Propofol
c. Betaxolol
d. Timolol
Ref: T-20: 4.40.28 Ref: Respiratory system: 9.49

5. Which of the following is a long acting bronchodilator?
a. Salbutamol
b. Terbutaline
c. Adrenaline
d. Formoterol
Ref: T-20: 4.39.45
Ref: Respiratory system: 7.56

6. Drug of choice for neurogenic diabetes insipidus is?
a. Desmopressin
b. Vasopressin
c. Terlipressin
d. Conivaptan
Ref: Kidney: 25.40

7. Which of the following inhalational anaesthetic agent can cause hepatitis on repeated use?
a. Halothane
b. Isoflurane
c. Sevoflurane
d. Ether

8. Preferred drug for the treatment of ventricular tachycardia is
a. Digoxin
b. Propranolol
c. Diltiazem
d. Lignocaine
Ref: NEET Jan 2019 (Q31): 39.24

9. Drug of choice for chronic gout is
a. Allopurinol
b. Febuxostat
c. Probenecid
d. Sulfinpyrazone
Ref: T-20: 1.56.11
Ref: Autacoids (NSAIDs): 28.51

10. Which of the following is used for day care surgery?
a. Ketamine
b. Thiopentone
c. Propofol
d. Etomidate
Ref: T-20: 5.11.06
Ref: Anaesthesia: 28.01

11. A female with 20 weeks pregnancy presents with fever and dysuria. A preliminary diagnosis
of cystitis was made. Which of the following drugs will be safe to use for this patient?
a. Ciprofloxacin
b. Gentamicin
c. Cotrimoxazole
d. Amoxicillin
Ref: FMGE Decemeber 2018 (Q4): 6.39

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