R.Alagappan Practical Manual of Medicine Fourth Edition

R.Alagappan Practical Manual of Medicine Fourth Edition PDF

Hi Welcome Friends and Budding Doctor’s welcome to our site .now we are going to discuss about the Great Book by the Great Doctor R.Alagappan Practical Manual. this book is very good book for clinical medicine as well as theory part the book covers all the topic very nicely Best thing is it provides proper diagram .It is so useful to cover theory and clinical part at the same time.

R.Alagappan Practical Manual of Medicine Fourth Edition

Let us Discuss Something about Edema

The pathophysiology of this oedema is: on the renal tubules to increase sodium rea. Primary increase in sodium and water retention by absorption. the kidneys (as in AGN).
b. Decrease in oncotic pressure due to increased loss of Idiopathic Oedema
albumin in urine (as in nephrotic syndrome) Periodic episodes of oedema occurring exclusively inc. However, in CRF, oedema need not be present women.

Diurnal variation of weight occurs with initially. In the last stage of CRF, oedema develops orthostatic retention of salt and water. This suggests an due to retention of sodium and water. increase in capillary permeability on erect posture.

Renal oedema characteristically involves the loose connective tissues, especially over the periorbital region, Cyclical or Pre-menstrual Oedema more prominent when the patient wakes up in the early This oedema is due to sodium and water retention, morning, as the patient with renal oedema are able to secondary to excessive oestrogen stimulation.lie down flat (comfortably).