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USMLE Step 2 CS Explained in a clear way

USMLE Step 2 CS Explained in a clear way – Step 2 CS Guide

USMLE Step 2 CS Explained in a clear way

Exam done to assess the ability of the doctor/medical student to conduct a patient centred clinical encounter to address the concerns and provide a diagnostic approach plan.

1. Go to ECFMG.org
2. Click on online services and select IWA
3. Enter your ecfmg id and password and log in
4. Click on begin a new application
5. Fill out form for cs exam and make the payment
6. If your med school participates in EMSWP then get your student status verified online by calling your med school. If your med school does not participate in EMSWP then get from 183 signed by med school along with a copy of medical transcript and diploma and ask them to send it to ecfmg via mail.
7. Processing of your application takes anywhere between 3-4 weeks. Wait
8. You will receive a mail after your application is verified which also contains scheduling permit.
9. Scheduling permit is valid for 1 year
10. Go to ecfmg.org and click on online services and select step 2 cs calendar and scheduling.
11. Login using your ecfmg id and password
12. Select your desired test centre and date.
13. Once selected you will get a confirmation mail to your email id.


In CS exam three components are assessed:
 ICE (Integrated clinical encounter): – History taking – Physical examination – Patient Note (Summarizing the findings, most appropriate differential diagnoses and diagnostics studies).


 CIS (Communication and interpersonal skills) – Establishing the role – Bed side manners – Active listening – Empathy – Building a good rapport – Support – Respecting Patients decision – Answering to the queries
 SEP (Spoken English Proficiency) – Clarity of the speech – Word/ phrase choice – Listener’s effort required to understand the questions asked – Complete understanding of the concerns that the patient has
NOTE: – Most failures rates are seen in ICE and SEP component – Medical students (International students) and the examines who are giving cs exam as their first step should take an extra care regarding ICE component.

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