Atlas of Dermoscopy Second Edition 2e PDF Download


Atlas of Dermoscopy Second Edition 2e PDF Download

Atlas of Dermoscopy Second Edition 2e PDF Download

Atlas of Dermoscopy Second Edition book is most loved one by Dermatologist and student doctors to if they are having exposure to medical dermatology.The time for clinicians to use dermoscopy in evaluating and managing cutaneous malignancies is fast approaching.

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Currently, many dermatologists are using dermoscopy and questions pertaining to dermoscopy have become part of the fi nal qualifying examinations for many dermatologists.

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Atlas of Dermoscopy Second Edition

There is also a mounting interest being expressed by general practice physicians, subspecialty physicians, nurse, and physician’s assistants in learning dermoscopy. The  added benefi t of dermoscopy has been documented for dermatologists, GPs, and even medical students. In other words, the use of dermoscopy has begun to diffuse beyond the hands of dermatologists. Dermoscopy
has even become part of the clinical practice guidelines in some countries.


In the publication “Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of
Melanoma in Australia and New Zealand,” the training and utilization of dermoscopy is recommended for clinicians routinely examining pigmented skin lesions.

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These guidelines are evidence-based best practice guidelines with grade A evidence, which means that the body of evidence
can be trusted to guide practice.