Bedside Medicine without Tears PDF Download


BedSide Medicine without Tears PDF Download

Bedside Medicine without Tears PDF Download

Bedside medicine without tears is an exclusive book for medicos who is in Rotation of internal medicine to make their concepts more clear and essential.we hope this book will help you increase your Knowledge.also helps you in day to day life case reviews and BedSide rounds.

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BedSide Medicine without Tears

Cigarette smoking. Exposure to smoke
from cigrarette or biomass and solid fuel fires, atmospheric smoke is important factor in pathogenesis as well as in acute exacerbation of COPD. The smoke has adverse effect on surfactants and lung defence.

• Precipitating factors, e.g. dusty atmosphere, air pollution and repeated upper respiratory tract infections. They cause acute exacerbations of the disease.
• Family history: There is increased
susceptibility to develop COPD in family of smokers than non-smokers. • Hereditary predisposition. Alpha-1antitrypsin deficiency can cause emphysema in non-smokers adult patients.

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Clinical Case Discussion

2. Bedside Procedures and Instruments 3. Commonly Used Drugs

4. Radiology

5. Electrocardiography

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