Clinical Surgery A Practical Guide PDF Download


Clinical Surgery A Practical Guide PDF Download

Clinical Surgery A Practical Guide

Clinical Surgery A Practical Guide is essential for surgeons during their residency training for the Practicals and Procedures .in this book we can learn so many new Guildlines for the cases.we hope you will like this book.and please help us by just sharing our site with your community .

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Clinical Surgery A Practical Guide

Preoperative care begins as soon as a patient agrees to undergo an operation. It involves history taking, clinical examination, appropriate investigations, risk assessment and informed consent.

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The purpose of preoperative assessment is to improve outcomes. A simple set of measures could reduce the number of complications following surgery and reduce the average length of hospital stay (Improving Surgical Outcomes Group, 2005). Good preoperative care should reduce costs, increase efficiency of operating theatres, reduce the number of patients who do not attend for surgery or who are cancelled on the day for clinical reasons, and provide an opportunity for advising patients on their risk factors, including smoking and weight control. Good preoperative care can benefit the patient, the surgical team and the health service.

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