Digital Neuroanatomy First Edition PDF Free Download


Digital Neuroanatomy First Edition PDF Free Download

Digital Neuroanatomy First Edition PDF Free Download

Digital Neuroanatomy First Edition is shared for our audience by some of our medcravers Family member’s and this digital Neuroanatomy is best among all other neuro anatomy books that focusing on this contents.we hope this will be very useful for your Future academics.please share us with your friends and family members.

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Digital Neuroanatomy First Edition

This multimedia resource offers a complete introduction to neuroanatomy with superb, clear and thoroughly labeled images and illustrations within an elegant navigation structure. It emphasizes the practical aspects of how to identify neuroanatomical structures, with quizzes and chapter self-assessments.

The content is organized into sections covering light-microscopic neurohistology, electron-microscopic neurohistology, skull-meninges-spinal cord, gross anatomy of the brain, sectional anatomy of the brain, and brain imaging. Digital Neuroanatomy: An Interactive CD Atlas with Review Text features: Richly illustrated throughout with over 300 images.

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Contents of Digital Neuroanatomy

  • Richly illustrated throughout with over 300 images
  • A brief printed textbook that follows the same organization and approach, reviewing all the main concepts
  • Self-grading quizzes with answers that include a detailed explanation
  • A help mode offering animated explanations of the primary programme features
  • A dynamic navigation structure providing direct access to specific points in the large volume of content

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About the Author

George R. Leichnetz, PhD, is a full professor of anatomy and neurobiology at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, USA. He has won numerous teaching awards over 25+ years of undergraduate, graduate, and medical school teaching, and developed and thoroughly tested this interactive program with over 300 students at all levels of study.