Essential Respiratory Medicine 2019 PDF Download


Essential Respiratory Medicine 2019 PDF Download

Essential Respiratory Medicine 2019 PDF Download

Essential Respiratory Medicine is under Wiley Publication and recently released 2019 by best Respiratory medicine consultants.with the help of this book you can gain your knowledge as well as you can do the right thing at right time.we hope this book might help you..please support us by sharing our website with your friends.

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Essential Respiratory Medicine 2019

Essential Respiratory Medicine 2019 PDF Download

The respiratory system is essential for gas exchange in a multicellular organism. The lungs are also important as a defence against infectious microorganisms. Worldwide, diseases of the respiratory system cause significant morbidity and mortality; this includes infectious diseases, malignancies, allergic
diseases, autoimmune disorders, and occupational  diseases. Diseases of other parts of the body, for example, rheumatological and renal conditions,
often affect the lungs.

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Contents of this book

1 Introduction to respiratory medicine 1
2 Embryology, anatomy, and physiology of the lung 5
3 Pharmacology of the lung 29
4 Common respiratory investigations 51
5 Common presentations of respiratory disease 83
6 Obstructive airways disease 105
7 Diffuse parenchymal lung disease 137
8 Respiratory infections 173
9 Lung cancer 205
10 Pleural disease 235
11 Pulmonary embolus, pulmonary hypertension, and vasculitides 267
12 Suppurative lung disease 293
13 Respiratory failure 317
14 Sleep‐related disorders 333
15 Occupational, environmental, and recreational lung disease 353
16 Disorders of the mediastinum 369
17 Acute lung injury and acute respiratory distress syndrome 38

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About the Author

This textbook is written by Dr. Shanthi Paramothayan, a Consultant Respiratory Physician with 17 years of clinical experience in the NHS. As an Honorary Senior Lecturer for 15 years, the author has significant experience in teaching, assessing and examining undergraduates, foundation doctors, core medical trainees and respiratory registrars. She is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Fellow of the American College of Chest Physicians, and a Fellow of the Higher
Education Academy.

She has been a member of the Education and Training Committee of the British Thoracic Society, a member of the Question Writing Committee for the specialist respiratory examinations, a member of the MRCP 1 Board and a PACES examiner for the Royal College of Physicians. She has been a Foundation Training Programme Director, Director of Medical Education, Associate Medical Director for Education and Associate Foundation Quality Dean, Health Education South London.


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